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Some of our highest priorities for the four houses are:

  • Provide on-going per diem support for the children of four homes.  Estimated: $75,000 per year.
  • We are required at regular intervals to re-paint and make repairs to the homes.  We also have numerous large maintenance items that occur on an annual basis. Estimated cost: $24,000 per year.
  • Continue to provide a cadre of full-time tutors and vocational training for several of the older children to prepare them to pass the college entrance exams or enter the workplace.  The government has committed to paying for tuition to a state university for any child that can pass these exams.  I know this program is working as I have seen our kids be successful at the university and in the work place directly as a result of this additional educational and vocational assistance.  Estimated cost: $36,000 per year including books and supplies.
  • Fund Christmas presents for the kids and also presents for the sick children at the local hospital(s) to continue our annual tradition of teaching our kids about the joys of giving.  Estimated cost: $6,000 per year.

Any amount you choose to give will help!

$25 will sponsor one child for a week.
$35 will sponsor ten children for a day.
$105 will sponsor one child for a month.
$140 will sponsor all 4 homes for a day.
$245 will sponsor one home for a week.
$1,050 will sponsor one home for a month.